About a year after I got Zero I bought my second husky, also an adult, Maggie. Those two together was the start of something I could never had dreamed about.

Emzyhusky was born. We started to race and I saw the joy in the dogs and how happy they was, doing what they love.

1st of september 2012 it all started, I was picking up my first siberian husky, Zero. A red guy with ice blue eyes. He was a “replaced” husky who didn´t want to pull or worked with other male dogs.


Before I had done a lot of reading about the breed and figured out that it will be a great dog for me and

my lifestyle. But it took more than a year and one more husky before I did my first dryland race.

2015 was the big year, I moved outside of the town and decided that it was this I wanted to do. That year the pack grew from two dogs to 8 dogs. 2016 I also made a choice, I left the sprint racing for a dream to one day participate in a long distance race, the goal was set. I started to train for mid distance races but got knocked pretty hard. I cant live in south of Sweden and train for longer distance if I don´t have the weather conditions.


So in the end of 2016 I made another big choice. I quit my two jobs, sold my house and moved up to north Sweden with all my dogs. Which was perfect and great in all ways. Snow and longer training season, close to family and friends and best of all, living in my boyfriends village. Having the help and support from him, his sister and his parents means alot. So here we are now. Happy and healthy dogs and I can´t be more happy. So lets see what we soon will heading with all training and racing.